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Newest Male Massage Reviews in New York

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Member Reviews

Reviewed by Warwick from London on Sep 15, 2016
Simply the best!
I have had several massages from Alex. He is a top class masseur who really knows what he is doing. He's also a really friendly and approachable guy and leaves you feeling really rejuvenated. A true professional at his craft and a really nice guy to know. I just wish he was still in London.

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Reviewed by from Fort Lauderdale on Aug 10, 2016
Stress Melted Away
Alex is not a clock watcher. He went back and worked problem areas until I was completely relaxed. He seemed to know where *I needed the most work. I can't wait to book again.

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Hot Med NYC Healing Hot Med NYC Healing
Reviewed by from NYC on May 18, 2016
A special gem
Thomaso is beautiful inside out. His naturally divine touch is felt not just on the body, but somewhere inside too if you can feel it. He is attractive, charming and caring beyond what you expect him to be. There are a lot of great bodies out there eager to let you have an happy hour of pleasure that you desire, but there is something more than banal needs that makes us really happy. A lot of what you will get out of Thomaso would definitely be based on what you want. His massage adjusts subject to what you want to derive from it. Definitely go ahead and get yourself that special time with this sweetheart.

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Hot Med NYC Healing Hot Med NYC Healing
Reviewed by Joe from New York on Apr 25, 2016
Absolutely one of the best massages I have ever had. Hands down. Just go. Don't think - just go. I have had massages all over the world, both in high-end spas - and booked through "sexy masseur" or similar web portals. Thomaso is in a league of his own. I went in with some sciatica issues in my hip and some should stuff from the gym - along with wanting a sensual massage - I wanted it to be skilled. I came to the right guy. He is trained - and it shows. Not only is he a skilled and knowledgeable masseur, he brings a healing energy to the session that is palpable. You leave feeling - healed. Yes he's more expensive than some of the other masseurs advertising, but pay it. Fantastic experience.

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Lysander Lysander
Reviewed by a member from New York on Jan 18, 2016
A very special time
I've had many pleasant massages provided by hotel fitness centers, but nothing like this experience. I was a little nervous, never having arranged something by Internet search; but as soon as Lysander opened his door I felt like an old friend. And after I was on his table I felt--not like a set of muscles that needed attention--but like a whole person (who happened to have those muscles). What's more, he treated me as if I were doing him a favor by being there. Definitely going back!

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Hot Med NYC Healing Hot Med NYC Healing
Reviewed by a member from Honolulu on Dec 26, 2015
Rejuvenating in Paradise
I contacted Thomas for a massage fairly last minute. He was prompt, courteous and accommodating. I had stiff upper back and shoulders from intermittently intense workouts and also from long distance traveling. I was in Honolulu for a conference and he just happened to be in paradise from New York at the same time. He was so good I booked him twice during my week long stay in Hawaii! Our first meeting I was nervous and in some moderate pain/tension. He put me at ease very easily and chatted a bit before we got down to his awesome massage. The therapeutic aspect was spot on and the sensual elements were satisfying. I slept like a baby and ready to start the series of meetings that went on for the rest of the week. Ultimately, I needed his services again and booked him for a second session. Overall, he is fun, engaging, and sexy. I had a great experience and an excellent massage. I will definitely seek him out again whether back in Hawaii or in New York in the near future. What a treat! I recommend him highly. Thanks Thomas!

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Absolute Male Massage Absolute Male Massage
Reviewed by a member from London on Sep 15, 2015
The real deal!
Guys! Ive never written a review for a masseur before but felt compelled to do so for Mark! His Ad is excellent and his massage is better! My muscles were sore and Mark delivered with excellent deep pressure and attention to every detail. Ive had many massages and I can say that Mark is overall at the top of my list. Will definitely see him again when in London! Thank You Mark! Cheers!

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Sam Sam
Reviewed by from New York, NY on Apr 11, 2015
Excellent experience!!!
I called Sam on a Saturday night. Luckily, he was able to take me. The entire experience was very positive and I felt totally relaxed. There was no rushing to get started or to get me out, as he allows extra time before and after the massage. I have a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders, so Sam spent a lot of time in those areas. He seemed to zone in on where the problems were. I loved the deep tissue techniques he used. He really got into the muscles with his thumbs, elbows, forearms and knees. His relaxing manner, the clean atmosphere, candles and soothing music also helped me to decide that Sam will keep me as a regular massage client!

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Reviewed by from Flushing, NY on Oct 7, 2014
A Decent Massage
Eric always checked in on my comfort level and gave me a full 60 minute massage. He needs guidance, so if you are looking for something specific, you should tell him. I asked for Swedish work on my legs and got it. He is accommodating and handsome (not a boy). I will see him again and hope he learns my likes and dislikes. The price is right and location is convenient. No shower - but there are hot towels for oil removal.

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Lysander Lysander
Reviewed by a member from New York on Sep 23, 2014
Just Fine
He is good looking, attentive, and friendly. You won't be disappointed.

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