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Newest Male Massage Reviews in Nassau

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Reviewed by a member from Forest Hills, NY on Nov 11, 2008
A Master of the Craft

Dan's massage is amazing. His place is immaculate and his technique is truly memorable. He hit all the right spots and made me feel very relaxed and rejuvenated.

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Dave Dave
Reviewed by a member from New York City on Apr 11, 2008
I Was Blown Away By This Experience!

I've learned to be skeptical of rave reviews of a masseur, since at times I've been to guys that people raved about and I was not impressed. But I am going to rave about Dave. It's hard to believe that one guy has it all, but Dave does. Here's the story.
I had been gotten sensual massages from other masseurs but found that few seem to truly enjoy providing a sensual experience.  I was hoping Dave might be different.
I saw Dave's listing, called, and made an appointment for a sensual massage. When I got to his building, I was surprised by how elegant it is. It was the first sign that this guy is in a different league from other masseurs. I went to his apartment, and found a very sexy man in a bathrobe. His photos don't show his face, but I had faith that he'd be at least good-looking. He is. He is, in fact, a handsome and hairy Latin hunk.
Dave gave of himself fully in the massage, and showed a spirit of sensuous enjoyment, generosity, and caring.  The massage was delightful, gentle, sensuous, and very stimulating. Dave is an affectionate and sweet man who made me feel special, and who gave terrific pleasure at the same time. He either truly enjoyed himself with me or acted it so well that I didn't know the difference. He more than satisfied every desire. I'm not a sports fan, but it just makes me think of the batter who doesn't just hit a home run, he hits the ball way out of the park. It was that kind of experience.
But, as they say, there's more Dave is also smart, interesting, and a good conversationalist.

Wow. I'm so glad I live in the area, as I will definitely be going back!

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Dave Dave
Reviewed by steve from NEW YORK on Jun 7, 2007
What a Guy

I was in New York on vacation from the U.K. I sent Dave an email explaining that I would like a massage and detailing my requirements, and explaining that I was very nervous due to previous bad experience. He sent me a message back very quickly, telling me that all was absolutely fine with my requests and that I shouldn't be nervous, and that he could guarantee I would enjoy my time with him, and boy he wasn't wrong. He arrived at my hotel, and I was instantly at ease with him. He is one of the nicest, most polite, and certainly the sexiest guy I have met for a long time. He then started with the most amazing massage of my life (and I have had quite a few). He found some problem areas which he worked on and had the greatest touch when working the rest of my body. No part of my body was forgotten.! The last few minutes of my time with him were the best I have had in a very long time, and more importantly he did not watch the clock at all. In fact I booked 1 hour and he gave me 80 mins I can't praise Dave enough, and I would tell any of you out there to not think twice about booking him. I did again 2 days later before I returned home. You will not be sorry. However make sure you don't book him when I come back later in the year!!

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Dave Dave
Reviewed by a member from New York, NYC - Manhattan on Apr 12, 2007
Dave is Awesome!

I normally get a massage every week, but I when I find someone great, I usually like to stick with him. Dave is great! I would highly recommend him. long as your appointments don't conflict with mine! He is professionally trained. He has a healing touch, and can be extremely sensual. This guy is a winner!     

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