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Newest Male Massage Reviews in Saint Paul

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Member Reviews

Reviewed by Ken1953 from Minneapolis on Dec 7, 2013
Neck, shoulder pain
I have Degenerative disc disease in my neck and last week it flared up causing a big knot near my shoulder blade. Moving my neck was quite painful, My PT and Chiropractor was off for the Thanksgiving Holiday so I made an appointment with KC. KC worked on the Knot but also worked on something he called a trigger point near the shoulder blade. After the session I was able to move my neck with hardly any discomfort but KC told me to do a couple exercises (same as my PT had me do)over the next 4-5 days otherwise the knot will get worse again. Thanks for seeing me on Thanksgiving Day KC!!

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Jim Jim
Reviewed by from Minneapolis on Jul 16, 2013
Without ANY doubt - the VERY, VERY best massage
I have had many, many hundreds of massages over the past many years - from guys (and women) all over the world. NONE - (I repeat) NONE - have ever come anywhere near to being as wonderful an experience I had with Jim. He is talented, intuitive and highly gifted. He is also very kind. I took advantage of his 10-pack certificate program (that's how impressed I was with my session). I am going to refer ALL of my friends. Other massage therapists could learn a lot from him. Great job - and thank you, Jim

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Reviewed by from Minneapolis, MN on May 16, 2013
Just What I Needed
KC is awesome! Great communication and very accommodating. He could probably tell I'm a talker, so he engaged in the appropriate amount of communication as we got started. I was very pleased with professionalism and technique. KC helped me relax and hit every single trouble spot. I'll be back! Thanks!

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Reviewed by a member from Minneapolis on Dec 11, 2012
Muscular, tone, hot and talented!
I'd seen KC on a monthly basis over a period of 2+ years when he used to come to Omaha from the Twin Cities. However, he'd had to curtail those visits for a number of reasons, so I leaped at the chance to engage him when I had to make a trip up to Minneapolis. We had a great reunion and KC's ability to "click" with a client is amazing. I didn't have to tell him what needed attention nor did I request a specific modality. He can "read" a body intuitively and he paid special attention to my knotted up back and shoulders with vigorous long strokes and penetrating kneading. He also paid special attention to my legs as I have edema and he worked very hard at redirecting that particular flow, then went to work on my feet. As a keyboardist, I'm especially appreciative of the TLC he gives my hands and fingers. KC misses nothing and his is a nurturing, holistic approach. I'm hopeful he'll soon be able to return to Omaha. I've really missed him and it'll be great to have him back as soon as he's able share his healing ministrations with us again.

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Reviewed by a member from Minneapolis on Nov 25, 2012
Another Great Massage
I have been getting massages from KC every couple of months for about 4 years. I'm in my early 70's and sometimes have a hard time sleeping at night due to achey muscles and KC does a great job relaxing my back and neck muscles to help me sleep. Last year I wanted to start exercising and KC stopped by my gym 5-6 different times to help me put together a workout routine. If you are in need of a great massage I recommend you call KC.

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Reviewed by Mstr_Carl from Minneapolis on Oct 29, 2012
Pure enjoyment
I have been going to KC for a few years now and he always does a great job of relaxing my back muscles. After reading one of his recent reviews I emailed him last week before my massage and asked if he was able to get this "knot/kink" out that I have had for a while, during the last half hour of our session. He emailed me back and said that he actually had everything that I would need. Last night KC gave me another amazing massage and during the last part of our session I was able to get my kink out with the help of his Device with cranks. KC had an incredible "high tolerance" for helping with my "Tight Knots!!

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Reviewed by DOMLarry from Minneapolis on Oct 21, 2012
Massage and more :>)
I have been going to KC for 3 years now and I always receive an awesome massage. Today I asked him if he offers anything else. I told him what I wanted and he took me to his closet and amazingly had a collection of everything I would need.KC, your a man of many talents, thank you for letting me get rid of all my STRESS today!!!

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Reviewed by a member from Brooklyn Park on Jan 29, 2012
A Runners Massage
I ran a Half Marathon Race this weekend and my legs were in some serious need of a massage, I read on KC's profile that he recently picked up running again so I thought what better than to get a massage from someone who understands sore legs from running. Great massage, stretching and some great advice on my future training from someone that ran a 2:28 Marathon in his mid 20's - WOW!! See you after my next race KC, Thank You!

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Reviewed by from Brooklyn Park on Dec 11, 2011
Best of both worlds
I had a stroke 2 years ago and have partial paralysis in my right arm and hand. I noticed KC had a discount for someone who had a stroke and thought I would give him a try and get the best of both Worlds, both therapeutic and sensual. KC did not disappoint me, he knew how to massage and work the flexors in my hand and his lite sensual touch was amazing. Thank you KC. I'll be back after the Holidays.

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Reviewed by a member from Minneapolis on Apr 12, 2011
Marathon Massage

I received a wonderful massage this past weekend from KC. With me being in my early 50's and attempting to run my first Marathon in October I was in much need to get my hamstrings, quads and calve muscles stretched. I was also wonderfully suprised to find out that KC used to run Marathons competitively up till his mid 20's and had just recently picked up running again this winter, KC was kind enough to write me up a 5 month training outline for my Marathon and email it to me.

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