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Newest Male Massage Reviews in Riverside

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Riverside Masseur Riverside Masseur
Reviewed by from Riverside on May 14, 2011
Amazing Local Massage therapist

My first visit to Trevor Last week 5/7, He was professional, kept talking to a minimum. He is friendly and respectful. Had me doze off a couple of times during my session. Definitly going to re-schedule again. It's nice to have him so close to home too.

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Riverside Masseur Riverside Masseur
Reviewed by a member from Riverside (Lake Elsinore) on Jan 3, 2007
Great experience!!

Just a short note to say, Trevor is worth the drive! Trevor has moved to Lake Elsinore which is not much further than his former Riverside address. It had been a year since I was in California and I am glad I decided to head out to his new location. As with my first experience with Trevor last year, I received a very deep, relaxing, and lasting massage. He was again extremely personable and professional. I enjoyed the drive and the awesome views from his location. He let me photo his latest artworks which are phenomenal. All in all, a great experience!! Thanks, Trevor.

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Riverside Masseur Riverside Masseur
Reviewed by a member from Riverside on Jan 30, 2006
Well Beyond Expectation

Trevor's sensitivity and professionalism resulted in my receiving an outstanding experience, putting a special glow to my holiday vacation from home. By far the most satisfying massage I have ever received. Long deep strokes with hot oils on major body muscle groups and an especially full working of face and scalp set Trevor's approach far above others I have had. From his friendly and unrushed greeting to his warm farewell, left me with considerably renewed energy. I often feel that same energy by revisiting through memory the encounter with Trevor. I only wish I lived closer to him (1000 miles away). Thanks Trevor for being who you are and being so great at what you do professionally.

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Riverside Masseur Riverside Masseur
Reviewed by a member from Pomona CA on Jun 23, 2005
Escape and transcend...

The dictionary defines bliss as: (n) a state of extreme happiness; I simply define it as Trevor. Trevor's talent, personality and physical presence are so accomplished that I'd have to delve into the archives of Dr. Seuss to create a new adjective to fully describe his skill. Trevor and I have a recurring session every 4-6 weeks and my body recognizes Trevor's touch and instantly becomes a child at Christmas. This session Trevor used his Swedish techniques to unknot and relax my back and legs, followed by a scalp massage that sent me into a euphoric trance  weeks of daily stress just slipped away. After turning over, Trevor continued on my legs and my feet which rivaled the scalp massage (I think I actually began to drool). Trevor finished with my torso and it was icing on the cake. Trevors touch, care and skill are beyond compare, he is simply the best masseur I have encountered in 10 years! I cannot recommend Trevor any higher or hold him in any greater esteem.

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Riverside Masseur Riverside Masseur
Reviewed by from Pomona CA on May 14, 2005
Awesome and then even better

It is always an absolute pleasure to see Trevor, but this time even more so; I have recently reintroduced myself to the reality of the gym and my body was sore from a recent session and there is no better solution for sore muscles than Trevor. Trevor was in good spirits and it did my heart good to see and hear him laugh as we talked while he set up. Trevor is by far one of the most beautiful men I have ever known and when he smiles/laughs its something quite wonderful. Trevor began our session with deep tissue/pressure point work which in and of itself released the stored tension in most of my body. Then, with delightfully heated lotion, this god-among-men soothingly caressed my back and legs to a point of bliss. Turning over (took a bit both due to soreness from working out and the bliss of relaxation, a strange combination) Trevor continued his magic with a fantastic scalp and face massage, then working on my torso, legs and feet. I slipped into a tranquil coma for a minute or two and didnt hear Trevor say he was finished. I felt, and still feel, fantastic! Bravo!! Trevor is a genius in his craft and an amazing man. I dont like to share, but it would be a crime against my fellow man to not encourage everyone to give Trevor a call and schedule an appointment; you too will be hooked, and thats a very good thing!

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Riverside Masseur Riverside Masseur
Reviewed by a member from Riverside on Apr 13, 2005
The best massage I have ever received!

Trevor is a professional, always ready to work, lotion, table, music, everything is perfect. His touch is strong, sensual, always appropriate for the area he is working on. Of course it does not hurt that the man is beautiful to look at. I am a repeat customer, and will continue to support this man's excellent work.

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Reviewed by John from Long Beach on Jan 28, 2005
Greg's the best

I arrived at Greg's comfortable and clean home to find him waiting for me, making sure that parking was fine. I entered and he offered me water. I was very impressed with his looks and manners. But what followed was amazing. The enviornment, music, everything relaxed me. Greg worked on me for over two hours, and while it wasn't sexual it was the most sensual experience I've ever had. He also was very careful with my shoulders, both have injuries. His technique is perfect and unique. I am a big guy, having worked with weights for years, I'm pretty densly muscled. It was no problem for Greg. He worked every muscle and found the scar tissue in my back from an old injury, using his healing hands and arms and his entire body to relieve aches and pains and make me feel new again. I felt as if Greg was completely centered on me and my needs the entire time I was there, and that he knew me, physically and emotionally, so that he could give me the best massage I've ever had. The massage was well worth the drive and the money. But it was obvious that Greg isn't just in this as a job, he truly has a gift, a way about him, a love of what he does. I left wanting to return as soon as possible. I'll be a regular client. Thanks, GREG!

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Reviewed by Mike from Long Beach on Dec 1, 2004

Professional, warm, caring, compassionate, and RUGGEDLY HANDSOME are just a few words that describe Greg. He arrived at my door right on time. It was as if the clock turned 7:30 and he knocked on my door. When I opened the door, my mouth dropped open. This hot, muscular man stood in my doorway. He wore this tight white t-shirt that showed off his huge biceps and cannon ball shoulders. The site of him made me hot and nervous at the same time. But, his southern background immediately relaxed my fears. He set up his new table with brand new sheets and towels. He asked if I had any injuries and I told him about my bad shoulder. Then he heated up his lotions and began the massage with long sweeping strokes to see what else was going on in my body. He found every knot and worked on them with intensity and care. All the while, he made sure that the pressure was just right. His massage Must Not Be Missed. The only thing for beautiful than his appearance is his warm, caring personality. Greg is one true gentleman with a heart of Gold! I just hope I will still be able to get an appointment with him after people hear about him. Thanks Greg.

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