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Johnney Johnney
Nationally Certified: Sports Rehab, Orthopedic and Swedish Massage.

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Based on 2 reviews.
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    A Great Massage
    Reviewed by on Feb 26, 2006

    I arrived a few minutes early their was magazines read in the lobby. he came out and got me and i filled out somepaper work and we talked about the massage. i then was taken to the room which had some relaxing music on and dim light. he explained the massage then left the room and he returned and i was under a sheet and very relaxed and he was one of the best i ever went to. i have been to the casino's and big city's for a lot more money and not as good. i would recommend him to anyone in maine and traveling to. he was really good. there was not touching in his part and i did not either my hand did slip out of the sheet once and he did not move it. he did rub across me once but did not again.

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    He took me to another dimension...
    Reviewed by on Dec 14, 2004

    First met Johnney in a chatroom and was immediately made to feel at ease. This positive and supportive attitude translated itself at our first face-to-face meeting. His work space is welcoming, clean, quiet, relaxing, candlelit and enhanced by soft music. Since he has a background in sports rehabilitation, Johnney \"listens\" to your body and responds accordingly. He is open to client touch in order to make his clients feel fully connected to him, and willing to research any question to which he does not already have the answer. Clearly tops in my book of massage therapists. He is licensed and certified, but best of all he is responsive to the needs of his clients. Put him on your list to contact whenever you are in New England. It will be a journey to a new dimension and you definitely will NOT be disappointed!

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