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Kevin Kevin
Massage Therapy at its very best. Professionally trained and educated since '97 in Deep tissue, Sports massage, Swedish.

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  • best massage ever!
    by from Los Angeles on Jul 22, '04
    Overall Rating:

    If you're shopping around for the best massage you can find, look no further. Kevin offers a world-class massage and is one of the nicest, most handsome men you'll meet in the process.  He is also completely professional in every way.  When I called to book a massage and ask info (I wanted deep tissue work and more than 60 minutes, due to my muscular, thick build which requires a massage lasting longer than an hour, so I have been told my massage therapists.)  Kevin returned my call promptly, but we could not arrange it for that day; he called me the next day, as we had discussed, to book a session for that day and I offered to travel to his location (a spotless, relaxed townhouse) to get a longer massage for the same price, vs. outcall rates.  When I arrived, Kevin put me at ease immediately.  He offered me a tall glass of ice cold water, a luxurious massage table to relax on, and a very comfortable atmosphere.  I opted for a two-hour massage (since I had never had one longer than 90 min. from anyone) and it was an incredible experience!
    \r\nKevin started slowly and built up pressure which was great.  I wanted more time spent on back, neck, shoulders and glutes vs. lower body and he amazingly did strong, incredible, intuitive massage for about an hour and a half without a break before turning attention to my legs and feet and then flipping me over for chest, arms, hands, neck and head.  He worked on me with amazingly gentleness but great force when needed to break down muscle tension from working out at the gym 5x week, daily stress, computer work, etc.  Without exaggeration, Kevin gave me the best massage I have ever had.  We chatted during the massage (particularly at the beginning), and then when we get more into the massage, he allowed me to relax and float and have an incredible almost out of body experience.  When the massage ended, I felt renewed, invigorated and completely revitalized and all of my muscle pain and stress were gone.  I floated for several days and even now, two weeks later, I still feel the therapeutic effects of his great, top-notch, world-class massage work.  I will definitely be a regular client of Kevin's and plan to see him on a monthly basis.  If you can afford it, definitely go for the 90 min or even 120-minute massage; but even if you get the one-hour massage, it will be a profoundly relaxing experience for you.  Also, I should note, Kevin is completely legit and it's a non-sexual massage, so if you're looking for a great massage and not just a rubdown with hopes of a release, Kevin is your man for THE REAL DEAL for the best massage in Los Angeles!

    Date of Massage: July 22, 2004
    Location of Massage: LOS ANGELES
    Frequency of massage: Once a month

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