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  TIM CURRY, CMT - I.D.# (1117)

  Full-time CMT w/ massage studio in Pomona. Body waxing and facials are also available. See my web page for add'l info.
Technique(s): Swedish, Deep Tissue / Sports, Acupressure / Shiatsu, Trigger Point Therapy, Reiki / Energy Work, Reflexology, Aromatherapy
Type of Massage: Legitimate / Non-sexual
Other: Gift Certificates Available, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Release
Available for: Incall, Outcall, Travel (other cities)
Times: Mornings, Afternoon, Evening, Night
Advanced Notice: 8-24 hours
Home Based City: Pomona
Other Cities: Chino Hills, Claremont, Los Angeles, Ontario,
Rates: $95 for 90 minutes or $120 for 2 hours
Payment: Cash, Credit Cards, Barter (Trade Services)
Set up: Table

Mobile: 619-917-1490

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Tim Curry, CMT


I am a full-time California State and Nationally-Certified Massage Therapist.  I have over 1200 hours of classroom hours, and over 10 years of massage experience.  I specialize in Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, and Swedish massage modalities. I tend to work deep, so if you are looking for a lighter massage, Shiatsu or aromatherapy just let me know. I'll be happy to accommodate your preferences. 

I have had great success in working with clients to provide pain relief in the neck/shoulders, mid-back, lower back and glutes (sciatica).  I believe stretching is an integral part of massage therapy and incorporate stretches into my routine. 

I use unscented Bon Vital Swedish Massage Lotion for the body, and I use Biotone Spa Marine Therapy for the feet.  Any fragrance used is in the form of essential oils which are applied separately, and only with your permission.

I am 50, brown hair, blue eyes, masculine, moderately hairy and a muscular bear build. I have been licensed and certified since 1997. I am also a Licensed Esthetician and am available for body waxing as well as facial and body services.

Due to my current school schedule, I am available Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11am to 7pm. I am rarely available weekends due to partner. Same day appointments are sometimes available, but call early for best availability. 

Please visit my web page for a full listing of my services.  Outcalls are available (for 90-minute massages and longer) for an additional fee (travel and set-up).    

Massage prices begin at $70 an hour and each additional half-hour is $25.  Please see my webpage, email, text or call me for more information.  I am often working on a client, so if you get my voice mail please leave a message for a prompt discrete return call.  I can't return hang-ups without a message.


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Client Reviews

Soothing hands
Reviewed by from Pomona, CA on Oct 14, 2013

I have been going to visit Tim off and on for many years, as I come to town for work or vacation. He has a great smile and a soothing energy that I feel comfortable with. His hands are strong and yet smooth and gentle at the same time, just wonderful. I tend to have a lot of tension, almost 'crunchiness' in my shoulders and some in the lower back. He's able to feel these areas and work on them for me. Also, since I've been working out more, I'm have regular tightness in my thighs, hams, chest and lats. He uses long strokes and helps relieve the soreness, helps revitalize the 'construction zones.' There's a good firm pressure at times sometimes deep tissue, and a good sensitivity when needed. He knows the body anatomy well, and helps stretch me when I need it but don't know it. I've learned about the IT bands, the QL and Piriformis. It's been interesting and helpful. If your body needs some work, visit Tim at his in home studio. It's a good thing.

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You MUST See Tim
Reviewed by Mr. Me from Pomona on Jul 9, 2013

I had the opportunity to book three elements in one night. 90 minute massage, a facial, and Opt Eye Firm session. See Tim's website for the description of each treatment. I was with Tim for three hours. Making the appointment was a breeze. Tim was very kind and inviting/ I arrived and we discussed more in detail what I was needing. He filled the bill and then some. He was always there checking in on me and making sure the whole experience was going well. I am here to tell you that I just wish that I had found him years ago. He is very intelligent and he worked areas that had never been worked by others. He is a master of his craft and he loves his passion. What a guy. He offered me a bottle of water after the session and we talked for quite awhile. There was never a rush to get me out. Take the time to make that call and get on Tim's table. You will be glad you did.

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Tim is the best
Reviewed by from Pomona on May 3, 2011

I initially saw Time to have my back waxed, I was a little uneasy, remembering when I had it done elsewhere, how much it hurt. Tim put me at ease and did the job with much less pain than the previous waxing. A couple days later i returned for a massage, and this guy is good, I relaxed immediately and enjoyed it immensely. I have been getting massages for years due to a back injury, and have to say Tim is one of the best. I will be returning, as well as referring him to others

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Fantastic Experience!
Reviewed by from Pomona, CA on Aug 3, 2010

I just had my first massage with Tim Curry. I had flown home from the Middle East the day before, and my whole body was stressed and aching. Tim's strong hands located all the problem areas, and I could feel the tightness and tension ebbing away as he worked on me. He gave me more time than I paid for and made sure that I was comfortable with what he was doing at all times. He is very warm and friendly. I hope to return for many more massages!

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Serious Excellent Bodywork
Reviewed by from Pomona CA on Feb 28, 2010

I went to Tim twice actually during a stay in Los Angeles. Once for a massage and once for a back wax and body massage. Tim has great hands and is skilled in his bodywork. I'm remember it now and wishing I could book a trip to LA to see him. He was very welcoming, had a nice smile, and delivered excellent bodywork.

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Tim is Great!
Reviewed by a member from Pomona, CA on Feb 15, 2009

I see Tim regularly for waxing services and I've had one massage from him. Tim is a great guy who is always curteous and has great technique. I recommend Tim highly; you won't be disappointed.

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First Time
Reviewed by a member from Pomona on Nov 11, 2008

This was my very first massage and it definitely wont be my last. He has a very firm but gentle touch and is very sweet. I cannot wait until my next massage. Its going to become a monthly thing.

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Outstanding Deep Tissue Massage
Reviewed by a member from Pomona on Jan 3, 2008

This is the 2nd time I have seen Tim; my wife and I each saw him last month as a Christmas gift from a mutual friend. Both massages have taken place at his location. I was in a bad car accident 21 years ago, with a less severe one 6 years later. As such, I have experienced chronic neck and back pain for more than two decades. I have tried anti-inflammatories, physical therapy, chiropractors, and acupuncture. While some of these treatments have had partial success with easing my back pain, I have found that only deep tissue massage provides any relief for my neck. As such, I consider myself something of an "expert" when it comes to receiving and evaluating therapeutic massages. Tim gives outstanding deep tissue massages, some of the best I have ever received. Most masseurs lack the strength necessary to provide the deep tissue work as firm as I require it for the full duration of the massage. Tim builds his pressure over the first 10 minutes or so and consistently monitors his client's comfort level, always ready to back off if it becomes *too* firm (not an issue for me). Tim generally spends most of his time on my upper body, which is exactly what I need, but he spends a portion on my arms, hands, legs, and feet as well. The room is kept dim and warm, with both soft music and a small waterfall for ambiance. It should also be noted that, although all three of our massages were scheduled for one hour (one for my wife; two for me now), all three ran overtime but were charged for the original rate. I have seen others make this observation as well, and it seems indicative of Tim's desire to do an extensive, thorough job for his clients. In summary: Tim provides fantastic deep tissue work, and I plan to see him continually in the future. HIGHLY recommended.

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As good as it gets
Reviewed by Nick from Riverside on Jun 20, 2007

Tim visited me in my hotel room in Riverside. we played phone/email tag a bit but ultimately I got hold of him. he was on time, complete with his table, waxing equipment, and absolutely stunning and gorgeous smile. He prepared the wax, and before beginning the massage, he waxed some parts of my body that I had requested. then he got down to a massage in dim lights in my room, caressing the waxed parts with immense care. The massage seemed like it went on and on and I didnt want it to finish. his touch was like that of a man who deeply cared for me and my body and every part of it, not someone who wanted to make a few bucks and be done with it. He asked me several times in a most mellifluous voice how I was feeling and what I wanted and if I was getting what I wanted. He was there for close to 2 hours even though I had set an appointment for 75 min. and he didnt charge me anything extra. before leaving, he gave me the warmest hug I have ever received. I can still feel his bear hug (he is extremely nice to look at with eyes to gaze into) and arms around my body, as if comforting me and telling me how much he cares for me. i will never forget the 2 hours I spent him and if I am ever in his area, you know who I will be calling for a m4m massage. Thanks Tim! you really gave me some awesome memories, hope you remember me.

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Reviewed by a member from Pomona on Apr 24, 2007

I love getting massages, and have received many over a number of years, but Tim is the absolute best, in the way he greets you, touches you, is sensitive to your body's needs and makes you feel that you are with a very good friend. Whenever I finish with him, I just count down the minutes until I'm back on his table.

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One of the VERY best!
Reviewed by Frank from Long Beach on Apr 3, 2007

I have been getting massages for most of my adult life usually 3 times a month minimum. Tim has to be one of the finest therapists I have ever experienced. I have been a client of his for a few years now, and he is constantly my #1 choice when I require a massage. As in demand as he is, I don't get to reserve him every time I need a massage, given that I am occasionally a last minute  booker, but he always does his best to accommodate me. His intuitive style and sensitive touch make it an extreme pleasure to have his hands on me. Being an overweight  bear  type here, he is fully knowledgeable in every variety of touch that I need. Tim is always nurturing in his methods, and never judgmental like MANY massage therapists can be. In addition to the fact that he is adorable to look at, he is even more charming on the inside! Can't wait to see him again.     

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