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  THOMASO: ULTRA THERAPEUTIC BODYWORK EXCELLENCE FOR MEN for over 15 years + and going strong. Feel the Difference!

F.A.M. Approved Masseur
Swedish, Deep Tissue / Sports, Acupressure / Shiatsu, Reiki / Energy Work, Reflexology, Aromatherapy
Type of Massage: Legitimate / Non-sexual, Sensual
Other: Duo Massage/4 Hands, Body Electric, Chair Massage, Cranio-Sacral, Structural Integrative Massage, Lomi Lomi, Myofascial Release
Available for: Outcall, Hotel, Travel (other cities)
Times: Early Mornings, Mornings, Afternoon, Evening, Night, Late Night
Advanced Notice: 2-8 hours
Home Based City: Honolulu
Other Cities: Manhattan, NYC, San Francisco
Rates: Rates do vary. Refer to website for Specials, Subscribe and more.
Payment: Cash
Set up: Table, Mat

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Hot Med NYC Healing


ADVANCED HEALING Therapeutic *Sensual  * Naturist *                                    Erotic *                               Tantra with the hpt Hot Mediteranean and Sexy Masseur for men in NYC, HAWAII & SAN FRANCISCO.

Travelling to a city near  YOU.

Check calendar for details


STRESS-less - relieve stress and tension and other ailments including allergies - anxiety - depression - jetlag - gym overload - fatigue and much more with Thomaso's gifted sensuous touch and hot sexy Mediterranean experienced masseur!

NYC: SOUTH CHELSEA + City near you so stay tuned.!

Thomaso will take care of you like you have never been taken care of before. Thomaso is a one a kind PROFESSIONAL WHOLISTIC INTUITIVE CARING BODYWORK SPECIALIST, ADVANCED CERTIFIED AND LICENCED MASSAGE PRACTITONER who has been helping men the right way, for over for 18 years of treatment.

It's your turn to be treated by Thomaso, NEXT!

VISITING New York City or Honolulu for business or pleasure?!

- Relax


Fire Island Annual Events with clients: 2006 -2009 = SUCCESS as always!

IN your city! Check travel plans for details.

Full comprehensive bodywork or couples" sessions with a massage therapist partner AVAILABLE WITH ADVANCE NOTICE!

* Annual teaching / workshop events in your area - TBA.

I travel to a city near you to teach, do workshops, see clients etc. so keep checking my travel schedule.


* ADVANCED LICENSED MASSAGE THERAPIST & National Healthcare practitioner.

Still NYC's favorite Hot Meditteranean Healing & Bodywork true Specialist.  * SPECIALS:

My famous 3 HR combo has always been popular and a favorite with clients. I AM the first and original provider for 3 Hour bodywork sessions unlike others who tried to copy me yet they were unsuccessful! Beware of imitators.

* EXTRAS: Thorough Intense yet exhilarating “Prostate” workout like you have never had before - Unblocking those blockages to help you deal with men issues, ex: prostate cancer.

* COUPLES: For the TWO of you, special occasions.

ABOUT ME: Goes without saying: When you got it, you definitely got it. Luckily, I have been blessed with an innate gift of my nurturing energy and healing touch. No one can teach you these things, regardless of who you are and what you do! Very down to earth, real handsome, masculine, manly / boyish Mediterranean looks 5'9", br/br, short haircut, lean defined muscled hairy, very friendly and much more.


As a trained and specialized specialist in super high quality, extremely therapeutic and relaxing modalities, I am very grounded and sensitive to surrounding energy.  My goal is to connect you back with nature by providing you with the best in alternative healing: East and West; including reflexology, acupressure, lymphatic drainage, organic aromatherapy, hands-on full bodywork sessions and much more beyond the scope of online script but will stick to the following choices.

Therefore, making you feel the best you have ever been just like my countless 100% satisfied clients before you. Just a real caring, exceptional, extraordinary, experienced, intuitive, professional, trained and legit body worker with powerful and naturally gifted touch for many years+, giving you what you need, like my upscale clients, all over desire. There is no substitute for the REAL thing. Always providing you with total relaxation that will melt you at first touch. Discretion always respected.


My FOCUS has been with HIV since 1998. Helped relieve many HIV clients successfully. * I give over 100% of myself. Experience Hot Meditteranean Healing for yourself and join other satisfied clients.

* GOT A PROBLEM! Show me where it hurts!  Allow me to cheer you up with my unique, talented and special techniques that will lift your spirits and release your aches and kinks from head to toe, back and front, manipulating every muscle. Simply the best in what I specialize in! * Get relief from jet lag / stress / tension / many muscular & chronic ailments / Digestive, mental fatigue,  energize and restore and enhance sexual energy, HIV, Neuropathy, Plantar Fascittis (feet) and MALE ISSUES (prostate) more that I cannot fit the page here. “AHH” is what you will be saying afterwards. * "See for yourself" as one client suggested... TODAY!



Average Client Rating: (Excellent ) 38 Most Recent Reviews Posted (40 max visible)

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Client Reviews

Thomaso Na Ka'oi
Reviewed by from Honolulu on Dec 9, 2016

Thomaso Na Ka'oi I wanted to be the first to get worked over with an incredibly hot massage and bodywork sessions that only Thomaso can provide with his innate touch and skilled techniques and not to mention his fantastic man to man sessions as his specialty. Having seem Thomaso the Hot Mediterranean sexy masseur over 5 times, I know I trust him to do whatever he wanted because I am definitely certain his energy will transform me to a place I want to go. Therapeutic - Sensual - Erotic - Tantric - Naturist. We get to have our session catered to our needs. Poor guy- I know he had been traveling a long distance and jet lagged but that never stopped Thomaso from giving me his best. Thomaso knows his way around man's anatomy and then you'll discover more about yourself that you didn't already know. Beyond Amazing! As always, I will look forward to next unique Hot Med treatment. Aloha Thomaso With love T

Read a Gay Massage Review of Hot Med NYC Healing in Honolulu

Aloha Thomaso: The Man for all the world to enjoy!
Reviewed by from Honolulu on Nov 2, 2016

Thank you Thomaso Hot Mediterranean Masseur for such a wonderful, professional massage. You are one heavenly soul with the touch that his world is looking for. I've been so stressed from work lately and your massage techniques helped me to relax and allowed me to regain my concentration at work. I can't wait to visit you again.

Read a Gay Massage Review of Hot Med NYC Healing in Honolulu

A special gem
Reviewed by from NYC on May 18, 2016

Thomaso is beautiful inside out. His naturally divine touch is felt not just on the body, but somewhere inside too if you can feel it. He is attractive, charming and caring beyond what you expect him to be. There are a lot of great bodies out there eager to let you have an happy hour of pleasure that you desire, but there is something more than banal needs that makes us really happy. A lot of what you will get out of Thomaso would definitely be based on what you want. His massage adjusts subject to what you want to derive from it. Definitely go ahead and get yourself that special time with this sweetheart.

Read a Gay Massage Review of Hot Med NYC Healing in NYC

Reviewed by Joe from New York on Apr 25, 2016

Absolutely one of the best massages I have ever had. Hands down. Just go. Don't think - just go. I have had massages all over the world, both in high-end spas - and booked through "sexy masseur" or similar web portals. Thomaso is in a league of his own. I went in with some sciatica issues in my hip and some should stuff from the gym - along with wanting a sensual massage - I wanted it to be skilled. I came to the right guy. He is trained - and it shows. Not only is he a skilled and knowledgeable masseur, he brings a healing energy to the session that is palpable. You leave feeling - healed. Yes he's more expensive than some of the other masseurs advertising, but pay it. Fantastic experience.

Read a Gay Massage Review of Hot Med NYC Healing in New York

Rejuvenating in Paradise
Reviewed by a member from Honolulu on Dec 26, 2015

I contacted Thomas for a massage fairly last minute. He was prompt, courteous and accommodating. I had stiff upper back and shoulders from intermittently intense workouts and also from long distance traveling. I was in Honolulu for a conference and he just happened to be in paradise from New York at the same time. He was so good I booked him twice during my week long stay in Hawaii! Our first meeting I was nervous and in some moderate pain/tension. He put me at ease very easily and chatted a bit before we got down to his awesome massage. The therapeutic aspect was spot on and the sensual elements were satisfying. I slept like a baby and ready to start the series of meetings that went on for the rest of the week. Ultimately, I needed his services again and booked him for a second session. Overall, he is fun, engaging, and sexy. I had a great experience and an excellent massage. I will definitely seek him out again whether back in Hawaii or in New York in the near future. What a treat! I recommend him highly. Thanks Thomas!

Read a Gay Massage Review of Hot Med NYC Healing in Honolulu

As always, Thomaso was terrific !!!
Reviewed by a member from San Francisco on Jun 4, 2012

...having known Thomas for over ten years, it follows that I think he's among the very best masseurs available anywhere.  At this point, we are on opposite sides of the country, but have managed to stay in touch.  I've gotten on his schedule after months or afterin several days in a row, at noon or midnight, in either of our hotels or in his apartment, on a table or on the bed.  Each session seems better than the last; he is personable, accommodating, and generous with his time and energy.  He is distinctively handsome, slender, fit and strong.  He is well versed in his healing specialities and was one of the very first to incorporate his holistic and organic treatments into the gay clientele; he surpasses any expectation: He appeals to, and satisfies all the senses; in short, he's comfortable in his own skin and makes me feel even more comfortable in my own.  Check out his site,  subscribe and learn more. Yow never know when he will be at a place near you! You won't be disappointed.

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Definitely a great session!
Reviewed by a member from New York on Jul 15, 2011

It was a pleasure having a session with Thomaso. He is very warm and inviting and has a very streamline and muscular physique. He has amazing hangs, and the minute he started working, I knew I was in good hands. I definitely recommend him - especially if you have any tension in your feet! :) I felt like I had just left a luxury spa when i left.

Read a Gay Massage Review of Hot Med NYC Healing in New York

Best experience I ever had!!
Reviewed by a member from New York City on Jun 18, 2011

I booked a session with Thomaso as a gift for my graduation. Wow, what an experience! Thomaso is gorgeous, slim, muscular, no fat. He is unpretentious, very warm and down to earth. His hands are a gift from heaven, tender and strong, giving miracles to my body. I was able to forget myself and be completly in my body. I still feel whole and sexy! THANK YOU, Thomaso, I will be back

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Happy Birthday To Me
Reviewed by davidnyc from NYC on May 2, 2011

I decided to have a massage for my birthday. Now I wish everyday were my birthday. I emailed Thomaso at 11pm the night before I wished to have a massage. I doubted he would get back to me in time. I was pleasantly surprised when he emailed and called promptly the next morning. His studio is very conveniently located in the heart of chelsea. It is clean and bright. Thomaso has a very spritual connection to the human body. He knows exactly what you need. He gives himself fully to the massage experience. You will leave feeling a whole new sense of possibility in terms of relaxation and satisfaction

Read a Gay Massage Review of Hot Med NYC Healing in NYC

Leave The World Behind With
Reviewed by from New York City on Feb 15, 2011

Leave the world behind with Thomaso The hot med healing NYC. Superb session from beginning to end. No one has anything on this hot stud. Thomaso is totally versed in the anatomy and physiology and to be able to find him in NYC amidst all others is a treasure. After all, 15 years experience with men's health issues and needs under his belt not to mention his great touch and yummy to look at, how could anyone go wrong? I wanted to treat myself for valentine's. Thomaso is the only reliable and accomplished masseur I know yet he still delivers well after all those years. Happy valentine's buddy and thanks for taking care of my achy kinks and stress. You are the best!

Read a Gay Massage Review of Hot Med NYC Healing in New York City

More than perfect!!!!!
Reviewed by from New York City on Dec 19, 2010

What can I say, this was an incredible experience. Soft yet hard, slow yet sensual, intense yet caring. These are just some of the his attributes. He will definitely leave you with a smile on your face!!!! He was MORE than perfect!!

Read a Gay Massage Review of Hot Med NYC Healing in New York City

Great, intuitive hands
Reviewed by from New York on Apr 2, 2009

Thomaso is a natural-born masseur. He is strong and intuitive, starts softly and builds to deep tissue, so it is very therapeutic without feeling like you've gotten beaten up. I recommend him highly, especially if you've got knots and stress centers in your neck or back.

Read a Gay Massage Review of Hot Med NYC Healing in New York

Personal Experience
Reviewed by from New York City on Mar 3, 2009

I sent Thomaso an email and he called me soon after receiving it. I appreciated this type of professional approach to scheduling a session. I felt that he wanted to make an initial connection and find out what I wanted and needed. He is very professional in his work. I went to his apartment where he had his massage table set up and was very easy to connect with. He is a very warm, friendly, and caring about his clients and developing his practice to meet the needs of his clients. Thomaso has great technique and skill. After the massage, we had a great conversation about "life" and his sincere interest in providing men an experience of touch from another man. And he followed up the massage with a couple of emails. He's willing to connect with you. He's a great guy!

Read a Gay Massage Review of Hot Med NYC Healing in New York City

Reviewed by a member from New York on Feb 27, 2009

I saw Thomaso and was blown away. Folks can often say "Definitely one of the best" Well with Thomaso you can just say SIMPLY the best. His techniques were incredible. His skill impeccable. His attitude warm and friendly. Everything about the massage made we want to come back the next day. There is simply no way you would ever be disappointed. Can't wait to see you again Thomaso. Say YES to this massage.

Read a Gay Massage Review of Hot Med NYC Healing in New York

Simply the VERY BEST!!!!!!!!
Reviewed by Edwin from New York, NY on Oct 1, 2008

I had a serious sciatica problem and Thomaso knew exactly where to lay his gentle caring hands. In one session he got rid of that lingering pain. I very highly recommend him, besides being extremely competent, he is warm, friendly and very handsome to boot!!! Can't wait to see him again. As I said, Simply the VERY BEST!!!! Edwin

Read a Gay Massage Review of Hot Med NYC Healing in New York, NY

First Rate
Reviewed by a member from NYC, New York on Apr 24, 2008

I have been having massages for years and this ranks at the top. Thomaso has excellent hands and a grat attitude. I went to treat a sore shoulder and a post-operative erectile dysfunction problem. He did wonders with the first and made cosiderable progress with the latter. He is skilled in a wide range of therapeutic and massage techniques, very affable, and extremely attentive. Highly recommended.

Read a Gay Massage Review of Hot Med NYC Healing in NYC, New York

A Bit Of Bliss In The City
Reviewed by Scott from New York, NY on Mar 6, 2008

This was a surprisingly great experience. Thomaso's gentle spirit is a great match for his amazing sense of touch. He was warm, friendly, and made me feel very relaxed from the beginning. I found myself taken away from all stress during the appt. He was unrushed and thorough, sensual and strong, and very aware of what he is doing. It's a bit of an expensive treat, but I was certainly happy with the session and would do it again.

Read a Gay Massage Review of Hot Med NYC Healing in New York, NY

Hands down best massage I've ever had in the city
Reviewed by a member from NYC on Jan 25, 2008

I went to see Thomaso for a massage last night....I initially emailed him and he called me right back. His studio is cozy and clean, and his massage table is professional. He used professional lotions, and I felt completely at ease right away. He is a very sweet and spiritual-type healer. He actually knows what the hell he's doing, which is somewhat unusual in the NYC market. :)

Read a Gay Massage Review of Hot Med NYC Healing in NYC

Finally Found The Masseur For Me
Reviewed by Tom from New York, NY on Nov 12, 2007

Having had quite a few massages in the past many of them barely decent  I am always a bit cautious not to expect too much as many people claim to be excellent on their websites but rarely live up to expectations. The first thing I noticed when Thomaso opened the door was how sexy he was. Then, how very calm and friendly he was putting me immediately at ease which is amazing in itself as I am normally very intense. Within literally one minute into his massage, I knew I was in the best hands I could be in. I have never been one who relaxes easily, but I have to say I have found the masseur for me. Not only did he help relax me and ease some annoying back pains I suffer from regularly, this whole weekend afterwards I have felt energized in a way I have not for a long time due in large part to a highly stressful job. Another of his customers mentioned that he is expensive. In this world, we usually get what we pay for. I do not regret one penny that I spent on my 3 hour session with Thomaso and have already booked the next one,  and there will me many more. Do not waste time with other masseurs , Thomaso really is the best you will ever find.

Read a Gay Massage Review of Hot Med NYC Healing in New York, NY

Thomaso Dellivers 5 Star Experience
Reviewed by Ken from New York City on Jul 20, 2007

My experience with Thomaso could not have been better. After a long day's work, I arrived at a very cozy apartment with a very sexy, warm and comforting Thomaso waiting. I requested a 90-minute tantric massage and from the moment of his first touch, it was sheer bliss. It was extremely sensual in a very subtle way...which built slowly but surely to a very satisfying conclusion. His hands are magic and will transport you to another world. Equally impressive was his sexy body and boy does he smell good. And, a really nice guy to boot. A top notch experience all around. I've been searching for a new masseur for two years. I've finally found him. Simply outstanding. Bravo, Thomaso!

Read a Gay Massage Review of Hot Med NYC Healing in New York City

Happy client!
Reviewed by a member from New York, NYC on Jun 22, 2007

Fantastic experience. I felt better right away. Very nice person and hot looking also! I was very happy with my massage and I am still feeling the effects three days later. I look forward to my next visit.... On the expensive side but worth it for what you get and how you feel.... wish I could go back more often.

Read a Gay Massage Review of Hot Med NYC Healing in New York

Special And Magnificent Massage
Reviewed by a member from Manhattan, NYC on May 27, 2007

Thomaso made me feel very special from the time he welcomed me at the door until the time I left, making me totally comfortable throughout. His touch was magnificent and soothing, applying the appropriate pressure on all areas of my body. His professionalism and charming personality, too, made this a truly great experience, not to mention his good looks and great body. I would recommend Thomaso highly and will schedule another appointment with him on my next trip to New York.

Read a Gay Massage Review of Hot Med NYC Healing in Manhattan, NYC

Manhattan Massage
Reviewed by from New York, NYC - Manhattan on May 17, 2007

Thomaso took some time both over the phone and at the beginning of the session to get a sense of what I wanted and needed. He saw me right away. He has a great pair of hands and worked the kinks out. I left feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Read a Gay Massage Review of Hot Med NYC Healing in Manhattan

Professional, healing, therapeutic: an expert
Reviewed by a member from New York, NYC - Manhattan on Apr 4, 2007

When I read Thomaso's description of his methods and philosophy, I had a pretty good sense that this was a therapist who had a lot of experience, was good at what he does, and knew how to work with men to provide a professional, therapeutic massage, while making it sensual, peaceful, relaxing, enjoyable. When I talked to him on the phone and when I arrived at his apartment I felt that my instincts had been correct: he's friendly, welcoming, clear about how he works, interested in where you're coming from and especially interested in what you?d like him to concentrate on. He's wiry and limber and looks like he does yoga as well as works out (he also has great eyes and a great smile); his technique is very strong and very athletic, but also, in a way, very gentle. I asked him to use fairly deep pressure and he did, but he started out slowly and smoothly. He didn't rush things, which made me, finally, relax and go with the sensations of what he was doing. When the pressure got deeper I think my muscles were ready to deal with it. After the massage my neck, back and arms felt much better; we talked for a bit after the massage and he gave me feedback then and via email about where he sees problem areas. He's a really good guy and an excellent therapist. I recommend him with no reservations at all.    

Read a Gay Massage Review of Hot Med NYC Healing in New York City (Manhattan)

Reviewed by a member from New York, NYC - Manhattan on Mar 28, 2007


Read a Gay Massage Review of Hot Med NYC Healing in NYC

What a lovely experience
Reviewed by a member from New York, NYC - Manhattan on Mar 18, 2007

Thomaso is a very caring, skillful masseur. Worked every inch of my body for the 3 hr. experience. I have very sensitive feet, and usually try to avoid foot massage, but with Thomaso, I just gave way, and felt completely comfortable. Never flinched once. What a sweet man! What a wonderful experience! Will be back many times.

Read a Gay Massage Review of Hot Med NYC Healing in NYC

Thomaso is my hero
Reviewed by A J from New York, NYC - Manhattan on Mar 10, 2007

There could not be any better human being and masseur. Thomaso is so polite, caring, intuitive, professional and not to mention a very hot sexy man. His techniques are unlike any other I have experienced and boy does he know his anatomy! :) Definitely relieved my muscular and stressful aches and tension when no one ever could. I am happy to have found Thomaso and now am a regular weekly client. You're amazing buddy, Thanks    

Read a Gay Massage Review of Hot Med NYC Healing in New York City

Thorough, relaxing and hot
Reviewed by from New York, NYC - Manhattan on Oct 23, 2006

Thomaso certainly knows his craft. This was my third massage from him and I thought it deserved a review. I've lived in Manhattan for seven years now and have had massages from dozens of guys out of the magazines or internet sites. I have to say that Thomaso is one of the very best in style, attention and sensuality. He's totally focused on me and his strokes are deep, long and totally relaxing. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Read a Gay Massage Review of Hot Med NYC Healing in Manhattan

Totally hot and relaxing
Reviewed by DJ Ohio from New York, NYC - Manhattan on Mar 21, 2006

Setting up the appointment was easy; Thomaso arrived on time. He truly has an intuitive, healing touch, using just the right pressure. I chose the three-hour special--and I didn't want it to end. I am looking forward to my next healing session and I will set it up as soon as I know when I'll be back in NYC.

Read a Gay Massage Review of Hot Med NYC Healing in New York

Relaxing experience
Reviewed by jdk from New York, NYC - Manhattan on Nov 28, 2005

Have had many massages in the past, Thomaso delivered one of my best massages. warm relaxing environment and strong but gentle hands. I walked away calm and distressed. Definitely would use him again

Read a Gay Massage Review of Hot Med NYC Healing in Manhattan

deep and therapeutic
Reviewed by a member from Chicago on Nov 21, 2005

Tomaso arrived on time with an upbeat attitude and a smile that you can't help but like. His hands were forceful, deep, but tender and responsive to my needs. He provided an extremely intimate and satisfying massage, with care and concentration. I would highly recommend him to anybody.

Read a Gay Massage Review of Hot Med NYC Healing in chicago

Wonderful Experience
Reviewed by Alex from New York, NYC - Manhattan on Aug 14, 2005

An experience I won't soon forget. Strong hands, friendly and handsome! See for yourself! I highly recommend him.

Read a Gay Massage Review of Hot Med NYC Healing in New York

Perfect, made me feel absolutely relaxed
Reviewed by a member from New York, NYC - Manhattan on Apr 18, 2005

I was having a hard time, after quiting smoking. I choose to have a massage. It was a great experience that I had with Thomaso. Wonderful hands and full of positive energy. Thank you.

Read a Gay Massage Review of Hot Med NYC Healing in New York

Reviewed by a member from Honolulu on Feb 18, 2005

The PERFECT touch! I want this massage Over and Over and Over again.

Read a Gay Massage Review of Hot Med NYC Healing in Honolulu

Can't Get It Out of My Mind
Reviewed by a member from New York, NYC - Manhattan on Jan 10, 2005

I went for relieve stress from my lower back. I left with a memory of a massage that will last a very long time. His hands were warm, smooth and caring His voice, equally so. He says his hands are magic...and they are. And so was the time I spent.

Read a Gay Massage Review of Hot Med NYC Healing in New York

Reviewed by Lee from New York, NYC - Manhattan on Dec 6, 2004

Finding the perfect masseur can be daunting - there are so many amateurs out there. Aside from excellent technique, Thomaso possesses integrity, warmth and focus. The cumulative effect of his skill and personal qualities leaves you feeling embraced in comfort and relief, he is marvelous. I travel extensively and seek massage as a means to ease flight aches. In the cities I frequent, I have a favorite masseur. When in New York, Thomaso is my masseur of choice.

Read a Gay Massage Review of Hot Med NYC Healing in New York

Higly Recommended
Reviewed by from Honolulu on Dec 4, 2004

I was running late for my appointment. Thomaso was welcoming and inviting and instantly put me at ease. He expressed genuine interest and his toe to head treatment left me feeling deeply touched and cared for as well as relaxed and refreshed. I highly recommend him and hope he will return to Hawaii soon.

Read a Gay Massage Review of Hot Med NYC Healing in Honolulu

Reviewed by from New York, NYC - Manhattan on Oct 19, 2004

Right away you sense Thomaso's calming energy, then he places his hands on you and you feel yourself calming immediately...centering. That he is so well trained and skilled makes for a great massage; that he cares about what he is doing makes for a wonderful experience.

Read a Gay Massage Review of Hot Med NYC Healing in NYC



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