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  SINBAD - I.D.# (913)

  Professional, No tricks, Satisfaction Guarrantee!!Relieving your pains is my business!
Technique(s): Deep Tissue / Sports, Acupressure / Shiatsu, Trigger Point Therapy, Reiki / Energy Work, Hot Stone Therapy, Reflexology
Type of Massage: Legitimate / Non-sexual
Other: Chair Massage, Gift Certificates Available
Available for: Incall, Hotel
Times: Early Mornings, Afternoon
Advanced Notice: 2-8 hours
Home Based City: Not Assigned
Other Cities: Dana Point, Irvine, Mission Viejo, Santa Ana
Rates: $79.00 an hour and $45.00 for 30 minutes
Payment: Cash

Mobile: 714/213-1896
Service: 714/771-4400

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Acupressure- Ancient healing art that uses fingers to stimulate key points along the meridians to activate the healing response.  Acupressure and Acupuncture use the same points but acupressure does not use needles.  Symptoms are considered to be an expression of the condition of the body as a whole. ( Holding a point on your foot may assist in relieving a digestive problem.)  It is believed that tension in the muscles blocks the flow of energy (chi) not only in the muscles but in the associated internal organs.

Amma is the oldest Chinese word to describe massage, a classical Asian Bodywork style that may predate acupuncture. Amma is a specialized form of massage therapy that combines traditional Chinese medical principles for assessing imbalances in the energy system.

Amma, like acupuncture, focuses on the balance and movement of energy within the body. Whereas the acupuncturist inserts needles into the energy pathways to stimulate and move the energy, the Amma Therapist relies primarily on the sensitivity and strength of the hands to manipulate the life energy (qi). Amma techniques include both deep tissue manipulation that is used in other forms of therapeutic massage and the stimulation of energy movement that is the basis of Chinese Medicine.

Amma addresses problems from a multisystem, multidirectional point of view. A diagnosis is based on the assessment of every facet of the mind/body complex, including observation of the tongue, taking of various pulses, and evaluation of many signs and symptoms that reflect the state of internal organs. Amma has proven to be powerful therapy in patients of all ages for both prevention and treatment of disease. It has been used to successfully treat conditions including: traumas such as sprains, strains and fractures, arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases, circulatory problems, depression, premenstrual problems, peri-menopausal problems, menopausal considerations, autoimmune diseases and neuromuscular diseases.


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