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  JAMES DICKSON - I.D.# (473)

  Massage. Bodywork. Workshops.
Technique(s): Swedish, Deep Tissue / Sports, Acupressure / Shiatsu, Trigger Point Therapy, Hot Stone Therapy, Aromatherapy
Type of Massage: Legitimate / Non-sexual, Sensual
Other: Gift Certificates Available, Body Electric, Chair Massage, Esalen, Hellerwork, Lymph System Massage, Myofascial Release, Myotherapy, Neuromuscular, Orthopedic Massage, Shiatsu, Sports Massage, Stretch, Thai Massage, Therapeutic Touch, Watsu
Available for: Incall, Outcall, Hotel, Travel (other cities)
Times: Mornings, Afternoon, Evening, Night, Late Night
Advanced Notice: Two Days
Home Based City: Sebastopol
Other Cities: Cotati, Guerneville, Rohnert Park, Santa Rosa,
Rates: $70 for an hour; $95 for 1.5 hours; additional charge may apply for travel
Payment: Cash, Personal Check, Credit Cards, Traveler's Cheques, Internet (i.e. Paypal/iBill), Barter (Trade Services)
Set up: Table, Mat, Floor, Bed

Mobile: 707-824-8700

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James Dickson


Hi Guys!

I enjoy working with all men, any age, shape & size, and with any level of physical or emotional needs.  I'm here to help you towards health and well-being, present emotionally, and often a lot of fun.

I'm 5' 10", 165 lbs, freckled, tactile, friendly.

My calendar is ONLINE

Avoid the hassle of voice mail.  Check out my calendar by clicking the "Visit my website" or do a google search anytime "JAMES DICKSON CALENDAR"

RELAXATION & ECSTATIC MASSAGE (25% of my practice):

I offer a full-body massage that comes from my heart with unconditional attention and devotion to you and your needs.  Your entire body is squeezed and kneaded.  You'll melt on the table.  My strokes will have no beginning or end, your mind will wander into a trance.  Whatever sensuality you are comfortable with will brought into the session. .

PAIN-RELIEVING MASSAGE (50% of my practice):

While my practice specializes in "medical" massage techniques (reducing acute & chronic pain, e.g., "ice-pick" or stabbing pains, low-back unable to get out of bed pain, can't turn your head neck pain, etc.), you'll experience a nurturing session that is relaxing and energizing.  You'll walk out of the session feeling better for days and even weeks.  We'll work together to eliminate pain coming from compensation patterns, posture, and lifestyle. Healing also comes from the knowledge I pass on to you about how your body works and things you can do at home to reduce pain.

EMOTIONAL TOUCH THERAPY (25% of my practice):

I use a combination of touch & talk therapies to help men overcome deeply rooted emotional issues related to Abandonment, Anger, Addiction, and Abuse (sexual, physical, emotional). Through touch and massage I help you to overcome fears and destructive patterns.  Ideal for men working with a psychotherapist, life coach, spiritual advisor, or in a recovery program.   Check out my website for session descriptions or details on upcoming group workshops.


Come learn how to massage other guys.  It's a great way to invite men over and break-the-ice.  I teach massage to men wanting to learn simply for the fun of it, and for their personal development. 


I've been in a full-time massage practice since 2001.  With over 800 hours of certified training, from two great schools:

- Alive & Well, Institute of Conscious Bodywork

- Body Electric, School of Massage


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Client Reviews

Pain Relief 101
Reviewed by R.P. from Oakland on Oct 7, 2009

I took Dickson’s pain relief 101 workshop to better myself and learn ways that I would be able to alleviate the aces and pains in my lower back. When I got to the class Dickson had everybody sit down in a circle and express what aces and pains each person had in order to address them during the class. As the class got going people were starting to get to have fun with one another while learning the basics of what the cause of their pain is by looking at what is considered “correct posture” and what is considered “incorrect posture”. In doing this you are able to feel what both the incorrect and correct postures feel like on different people. Once we started to work on each other in the class we were really able to learn how the touch of another feels on a troubled area and how to address that pain. As the class progressed Dickson made sure that everyone was at the following at the same pace and not falling behind or unable to perform a specific technique. About half way through the class Dickson had all of us get in a circle again, but have one person at a time stand in front of the group that had a specific area of pain. In doing this you are able to learn what to look for in order to address a person’s areas of pain, and to look for the cause of their pain. After this exercise we learned about trigger points are able to address different areas of pain. Throughout the class we would switch partners during the hands on portions, this allowed us to learn on different body types and build an intuition on what to expect from different body types. I feel that this was a great paced no nonsense class. I really enjoyed taking this class with Dickson, and enjoyed his teaching style as well. I would recommend taking any of Dickson’s class without worrying if you’re really getting what you paid for! R.P.

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James is the absolute best!
Reviewed by from Santa Rosa on Jul 31, 2008

I am the sort of person that is not good at letting strangers get close. I have a lot of anxiety over it, actually. I'm naturally very guarded and tense. I didn't realize what I was doing to my body. My body was wracked with pain every day. It was so bad I felt like I was never going to feel normal again; the pain in my back was bad enough that I literally cried out in pain at night. I felt the world pressing down on me all the time. I didn't make the connection until I met James. I ride my bicycle frequently, but now it is alright. I am able to live my life without my body being ravaged by this, because James has shown me the balance. I recommend him because his work is something that transcends simple bodywork. Massage, I have learned, is truly an art; one only as good as the artist. When I come out of a session, I have tapped into parts of myself that I didn't know existed. I have learned to allow myself the pleasure of relief and more importantly an inner truth. James' touch is ethereal; the equivalent of a Midsummer's Eve watching the sun set and drinking a fluted glass of dark wine, transformed into a tactile form. I urge anyone else to do the same thing for themselves. James can help you form an amazing body/mind connection in ways you can't imagine yet.

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