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  BORRIZ - I.D.# (1446)

  Masseur in Saudi Arabia (Al-Khobar) Do service for massage therapy/reflexology
Technique(s): Swedish, Deep Tissue / Sports, Acupressure / Shiatsu, Trigger Point Therapy, Reflexology, Aromatherapy
Type of Massage: Legitimate / Non-sexual, Sensual
Other: Chair Massage, Shiatsu, Sports Massage, Stretch, Therapeutic Touch
Available for: Incall, Outcall, Hotel
Times: Early Mornings, Mornings, Afternoon, Evening, Night, Late Night
Advanced Notice: 2-8 hours
Home Based City: Al Khobar
Other Cities: Dammam
Rates: SR. 150 (Saudi Riyals) per 60 minutes (1 session)
Payment: Cash
Set up: Mat, Floor

Mobile: 00966-(0)545681906

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Good day to all!

I'm working in Saudi Arabia since November 2005.  Worked in administration in profession (however, trained) doing massage as part time job.  Please call  my mobile #s 0545681906 or send an email for an apointment as I have to work during the day from 8:00 AM upto 7:30 PM, so I can do the service between  8:30 PM to 10 PM.  This is Saudi Arabia that some few reminders should be followed by the expatriates and should be also careful as they have their own laws to follow.

I worked from 8:00 AM upto 7:00 PM from Saturday through Wenesday, so I have only a limited time doing the job.  But  during Thursday and Friday, I will be available any time except not too late during Friday night as I have to work early morning on Saturday.

Again, please call or send an email (mentioned above) for appointment for you and my convenience both.  To manage my timing and arrangement to all of you.  As of now,  I have also already a permanent client.  I'll never ask a high price on my service and really it is very cheap and affordable, compare to others.

For more info regarding myself, you can visit my own website link above.  In this site, you will know me more better and if you want more information about massage please visit as well my blog at:

Thank you for your understanding and hope, you will be one of my valuable and respectable client/customer.

Courteousy Reminder:  Please don't contact the above provider if your seeking or looking any kind of sexual, illegal or inappropriate services.   I'm doing only a clean living....I hope you know what I mean and empathize........again, thanks...




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Client Reviews

Nice fellow & a great Masseur....
Reviewed by a member from Dammam on Apr 26, 2009

Well, really I don't know where to begin. Through my lot of experience, travelling around the globe, Borriz is one of the best that I have exeperienced. Nice fellow, good masseur and teqniques. I had tried as well those some hotels massage services here in Saudi Arabia and Borriz is the best. Well this is my first with him, but not the last. Well see you soon after a month. I will be travelling through Asia part. Mohd. K Saudia Airline, Flight attendance

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Reviewed by Richard Lewis on Oct 31, 2006

When I went to Borriz, I was not only inflexible. I also felt lots a pressure due to an upcoming deadline at work. Borriz massage did wonders. Way beyond my expectations. It worked like magic. Relaxing, warm, in a nice and comfortable place even it is small but quite nice with privacy. He?s quite expert with regards to his work. He had a soft but hard hands that makes you feel good and relax. All my tensions were gone after the massage. Further, I left in great feelings, in no doubts that my week would go well. I had not anticipated such an impact on my sensitivity. I plan to repeat this awesome massage as soon as I can. Borriz is just a remarkable masseur!

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Reviewed by a member on Oct 25, 2006

Borriz is a charming and sexy guy who makes you feel comfortable and at ease immediately. He has a great touch and knows how to make you feel wonderful. And just when I thought I couldn't become any more relaxed . I just traveling myself (I'm from Syria) and my family from Riyadh just to spent few days for the holidays her in Al-Khobar and I'm really so exhausted that my whole body is so really in soreness of driving. Almost 5 hours I traveled going to khobar, and really, he made me such so relaxed. He ends the massage by sending you into unruffled and made me feel so good in serenity!! This is the first time I met such guy who did a real good massage which I can highly recommend him. I've been have a massage in different style in Riyadh but with him!!!... I really feel more better than those I did in Riyadh. His asking price is quite reasonable and affordable comparing of what I paid for to my previous massage services. When I'm back in Al-Khobar, I'll be visiting Borriz again and I will recommend him to my colleague and friends who are in Riyadh if they're coming to Al-Khobar either personal or business trip and dropped by on Ernie's place to have a good massage!! Juan Massari (Riyadh)     

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Reviewed by a member on Oct 25, 2006

This is my 1st massage i've had with Boriz or any other masseur in my life and i can't help but feel that all others will pale in comparison. I was so curious as I encountered his website in the internet. I do know how I get in there. Just interested reading about massage and etc. and I was very interested how it feels & by then I call and try to make reservation and got into it. He was so easy to talk to and i immediately felt like he was genuinely interested in me and what i was saying. His place is small but very comfortable and it was so easy for me to relax, enjoyed the soft music while I closed my eyes and felt his massage stroke into myself, the scent of wonderful smell and even you?re listened the dropping of the water in a small stream and really, make me feel better that I never experienced before. Now I understand what he's saying. I will most definately see him for another appointment very soon. What a great way to pamper yourself and treat yourself to something special. Thank you Borriz. Osama Al-Madan, Al-Qatif,Saudi Arabia    

Read a Gay Massage Review of Borriz in Al-Khobar

Reviewed by Lester Galvez on Oct 25, 2006

I learned borriz through internet. He has a nice website that gives you details of different massage teqniques and styles. At first, I was hesitant to contact him as I don't have any slightest idea if he is really the one that I?m looking for. I worked out regularly as I'm conscious about myself and was in pretty good shape. Well, I'm proud of my body built as I always do some heavy stuff in the gym. However, if you're doing things like lifting barbells, dump bell, etc., you're also getting heavier things and I love too but then, the more you add some weight, the more it becomes heavier. You feel more exhausted and tired. When I was in the Philippines, I had always a massage, treat to myself for relaxation once in a while. But when I got a job here in overseas, Saudi Arabia , I don?t have any idea how to contact a masseur or a massage therapist where I can have such practice. Well in short, I found borriz and I'm glad that I have him. Since then, he is my massage therapist and I thank for that. He is really good. Thanks for that bro!!!...So how about you guys?....Why can't you give him a try? I'm sure you won't be disappointed with his performance. By the way bro, I?m here in Jeddah for holiday vacation. Happy Eid Mubarak!.. I will be back in Khobar after one week. See you then. LESTER GALVEZ, Al-Khobar    

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Thanks Borriz!!!!!
Reviewed by a member on Jul 23, 2006

Best massage I have ever experienced. Very professional, very caring. Found all the areas that needed worked on. Thank you so much Borriz. Yousif, Rakka, Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Read a Gay Massage Review of Borriz in Al-khobar

Reviewed by a member on Jul 2, 2006

Very friendly person and have a nice attitudes towards his costumer. His massage is really great. His pressure is just perfect with me as I have a sensitive feelings specially when I've been touched. I'm really been relaxed when he do his massage. I've been asleep for a while as he did his things. What a feeling I have when he wake me up from asleep. It's really worth for what you paid for his service. I will definately see him again as he's a nice and a very friendly guy. Ethan 6th Street, City of Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Read a Gay Massage Review of Borriz in Al-Khobar

Reviewed by a member on Jun 13, 2006

Sorry for a short notice last night borriz. I appreciated your consideration to come last night even though it?s a little bit late-night. What can I say to him!?.hmmm!!!!?.he?s a friendly guy and well mannered. I sense his hands kneading my whole body and really feel relaxed. He knows what he?s doing and he always asked me which part of my body is aching/sore and really for me, it is good cause I don't talk much atleast he has a well approach. When he do his part like giving me massage, I really feel at ease and I even fall asleep, maybe a couple of minutes as he's doing his job. He's been my therapist since last April 2005 until this time. I think, I will not look for another masseur as I really feel safe on him. One thing I like him,he respect me for being a gay. He never take advantage of me. He has a sense of humor. You know what? I feel that I know him for a long time. Well guys, take my words, you will not be sorry for his performance. To cut a long story short,..he's my private masseur. I mean a masseur only and nothing more, nothing less. John, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia     

Read a Gay Massage Review of Borriz in Dahran, Saudi Arabia

Reviewed by a member on Jun 11, 2006

Well, what can I san to this guy!....He's terrific and a good masseur. He's been my masseur since I knew him through the internet. In fact, I found his website when I try to search for a massage or reflex job thing which I need it really. I been here in Saudi Arabia last September 2005 working for a consultant in a company and I'm only here for a business visa for a year and right now, I'm staying in Merridien Hotel which is quite near to my work location. To make short, I got this guy and contacted him. Since then, I'm one of his client. The guy is great, knows what he's doing, what can I say!....Word of advise is that??try him and you won't be sorry for it?I guarantee you? Actually, his asking price is reasonable and affordable also. For me, he's great?? Wallace Watson From U.K.     

Read a Gay Massage Review of Borriz in Al-Khobar, Saudi Araba

Reviewed by a member on Jun 11, 2006

I'm really glad that you have expanded your business borriz. I'm happy with you. As you guys, this dude is really a good masseur. He did a good job. I like him, the way he treat his customer during the session as I have experienced from him. He always asked me in appropriate approached manner where exactly I feel sore or twinge. Really he did a good. Knows where to hit the exact spot where I'm complaining. Well, for me, I'm already satisfied his doing. I have a couple massage already with him and the truth is?..he's a good masseur and I will guarantee you? Being a great person, he is also an impressive gentleman. Mohammed Al-Arbi Al-Nahda Club Sport Complex Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia     

Read a Gay Massage Review of Borriz in Al-Khobar, Saudi Araba



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