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Masseur Questions


1. Q. Is there a fee to list on your site?

A.  FAM continues to provide great service and provide very competive rates to other online referral directories.

For more information on benefits, upgrades and current rates check out:

FAM Membership & Benefits


2. Q. Why can't I see my ad?

A. Once a paid subscription to the site has been made, please allow up to 12 hours for new ads to be posted. Ads must meet FAM's Photo and Text Policy in order to be released live to the public. These policies can be located above each edit section of your ad. Make sure you click on the "done" button after you have entered all of your text. Also, be sure that you've entered a city (one at a time-5 max) SLOWLY so that your ad can be viewed. YOU MUST have at least one city and an image to have a listing show. If you're still having problems, contact us and we'll help create one for you!

3. Q. Why haven't I received my code to unlock my new account?

A. You may want to check your spam folders. YOU SHOULD ALSO ADD  to your address book so this doesn't happen. If you still need assistance contact us and give us 24-48 hours to respond.

4. Q. Why can't I use a nude photo's?

A.  Due to the extended professionalism of this website and in accordance with non-sexually explicit material agreements in contracts with billboards, print ads and publications, any with offensive/nude images will be publicly censored.This will allow to keep our site clean and respectful, yet still give you the freedom to share them privately with your clients. The success of FAM depends on the reputation it creates and we wish to be around for a long time. Therefore, we impose our discretionary rules policy to monitor all images posted. Detailed information can also be found under the Photo Policy of the site.

5. Q. Can I change my email address automatically?

A. Yes. If you log into your private locker, click on MANAGE ACCOUNT in the left margin box where your messages should be. Once that opens, you will be able to access/edit your information.

6. Q. Why are the Ad images so grainy?

A. Whenever you take a large image and condense its size (a.k.a. pixels), it distorts. If you click on the image, our art gallery should open it to a more quality viewing. 
Also take into consideration the quality and size of the image that was originally submitted, the type of computer you are using and the display settings at which they are set.

7. Q. Can I delete my ad at anytime?

A. Please notify us immediately and we will assist you in removing your listing. Your ad will remain listed under your current paid subscription time period. Please review cancellation policy in your personal sign in area for more detailed information. Providing us with your FAM i.d.# and a reason will allow us to expedite your request faster. This will also help us serve other FAM masseurs better in the future. 

8. Q. How do I receive the "FAM Approved" symbol?

A. You must submit a copy of your credentials  You can email a scanned copy to Include your name and ID #.. Your listing will be placed in our FAM Approved Lic./Cert. page at no additional fees.

9. Q. Is my Birthdate published?

A. Your birthdate is NOT published. We use this as liability and proof of legal age for child safe laws in accordance with using our site.

10. Q. How soon before an e-mail response from FAM?
A. Always allow 2 business days for us to respond, as the growth of FAM and the amount of e-mail that comes in daily/hourly is overwhelming. We will do everything in our power to assist your needs. Be patient and check those spam folders! 
Remember to add to your address book so can receive a response from us.

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