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Newest Male Massage Reviews in Los Angeles

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Member Reviews

Jason $40 starting rate Jason $40 starting rate
Reviewed by from West Hollywood on Mar 8, 2012
Jason is fantastic. From start to finish he had me relaxed and I felt like I was melting under the strength of his hands. He used every part of his body against mine. I really like Jason's personal attitude and manner. (In addition to the GREAT body he has.)

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Josh Josh
Reviewed by a member from West Hollywood, CA on Feb 16, 2012
Wonderful, caring experience and great massage!
Josh is excellent at massage, he is very intuitive and has top technique and much experience. He is friendly and inviting and his place of work is immaculate. I am fairly small, but very tense much of the time and he is able to ascertain exactly what I need, the exact amount of pressure and stress relief so as I feel fantastic when finished. His professional therapy is superb in everyway.

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Michael Michael
Reviewed by a member from Long beach , Ca on Feb 15, 2012
Michael is great healer
Michael is a true healer in both of mind and body. I had 2 sessions with him, and they have both been transformative. He opens the session with a short but heartfelt discussion. It is a great way to let him know what's going on and how the session may be most helpful. He does this while rubbing your feet and legs, in a safe, nurturing way that is really soothing. Michael is very intuitive, and can sense things that are going on with you that you are not even aware of yourself! For my first session, based on our discussions, he suggested that we include some tantra work into our session. While I had never had this done and I was a bit skeptical, it was extremely powerful.I felt its healing effects for days. My second session, we combined both tantra work as well as deepl massage. Michael has a masterful touch that is relaxing, sensual and healing. It this combination was incredibly powerful. Michael is unique in being skilled in both in physical massage, as well as a great healer through tantra massage and meaningful discussion. I highly recommend Michael for someone looking for more than a rub, but rather meaningful, healing connection with a beautiful man.

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Adolfo Adolfo
Reviewed by Chuck from San Diego on Feb 8, 2012
Adolfo is my one and only! With firm hands yet a gentle touch, Adolfo eases you into a sublime form of relaxation. I've been pampered at the Golden Door and Adolfo is easily on par! Thank you kind sir!

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Smile Massage Therapy Smile Massage Therapy
Reviewed by a member from Palm Springs on Feb 6, 2012
The Best
During a recent visit to Palm Springs, I arranged for a massage by Steve. His studio is neat as a pin and he is friendly and very professional. He uses a combination of Swedish massage and what I assume are Asian techniques. The result was probably the best massage I have ever had--and I have a massage regularly as I travel. It was simultaneously highly relaxing and stunningly exciting with new feelings and sensations. If you are looking for a highly professional massage combined with a uniquely exciting experience, this is the man to see!

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Charlie Charlie
Reviewed by a member from The Valley on Jan 30, 2012
Best Guy & Hands in town
I visited Charlie for a long overdue massage. It was GREAT! You will NOT be disappointed by his setup or services. Super nice guy with a great touch. Wish I lived just a little closer. He's a must see if you're in the area.

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Michael Michael
Reviewed by from Los Angeles, CA on Jan 26, 2012
It has been too long
I know Michael for quite some time now and his massages just get better every time I see him. I called to make an appointment and he set one up for me. As always we spoke for a while before the massage. He hit all the right spots with just the perfect amount of pressure. His foot and leg massage left me breathless. Michael is honest--polite and handsome. I recommend him to all my friends!

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Josh Josh
Reviewed by a member from west hollywood on Jan 21, 2012
Big Texan - Big Josh - Big...
Josh was awesome. Handsome, nice, great body, great place and great...techinique. Josh escorted me to his massage room which was nice and warm, candles, mirrors and a great big massage table He used good pressure and worked through some legititimate muscle aches I've been having since starting to run and work out after the new year. Josh worked me over really good...I mean REALLY good. But you should see for yourself. It's toatlly worth it.

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Charlie Charlie
Reviewed by a member from North Hollywood on Dec 19, 2011
Class Act
Legit, professional, nice and effective.

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Charlie Charlie
Reviewed by a member from North Hollywood on Nov 27, 2011
Total Bliss
I can't say enough good things about my appointment with Charlie. First off, he is one of the most articulate men I have ever met. He was a Personal Trainer at some point, so he is very knowledgeable about the body and fitness, and even offered some advice that I sought. His place is very nice, and I was able to find parking right in front of his house--a rarity in North Hollywood (but I guess he is in Toluca Lake so that makes a difference). Will definitely be back to see Charlie, since he is a real pro, takes credit cards, and has very reasonable rates.

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