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Newest Male Massage Reviews in Los Angeles

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Member Reviews

Reviewed by Don from Burbank on Nov 3, 2016
Relaxation at its best
I had the pleasure of exchanging massages with OscarLMT. He has had some extensive training in massage techniques. He started out lightly by stretching my muscles and moved to some amazing deep tissue pressure. What impressed me is that he took the time to discuss some of these techniques and then showed me how it feels. He was intuitive to my stress areas and was able to relieve a lot of my tension. I highly recommend OscarLMT.

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Smile Massage Therapy Smile Massage Therapy
Reviewed by a member from Palm Springs on Sep 14, 2014
Steve Will Make You Smile
“Smile” is a great handle for Steve’s massage sessions. He indeed makes you smile. He is extremely friendly, greets you with a big hug, and makes you immediately feel very comfortable with him. I thoroughly enjoyed his 90-min tantric-therapeutic massage session, which included good therapeutic techniques and a super great deal of intimate closeness and body-to-body contact. There is no doubt that Steve is very experienced, competent, and adept at many massage modalities. The session is one you will not forget, and one that will end up making you smile! I’ve had many massages – I am a massage therapist myself – and this one was of the finest ever. Thank you, Steve, for a great massage experience.

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Adolfo Adolfo
Reviewed by from Planada on Mar 25, 2014
High quality MT that is local and at a great value
Adolfo is highly professional and talented. Both his technique and pressure were fantastic. I'm very fortunate to have found him. I highly recommend getting a massage therapy from him.

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Tim Curry, CMT Tim Curry, CMT
Reviewed by from Pomona, CA on Oct 14, 2013
Soothing hands
I have been going to visit Tim off and on for many years, as I come to town for work or vacation. He has a great smile and a soothing energy that I feel comfortable with. His hands are strong and yet smooth and gentle at the same time, just wonderful. I tend to have a lot of tension, almost 'crunchiness' in my shoulders and some in the lower back. He's able to feel these areas and work on them for me. Also, since I've been working out more, I'm have regular tightness in my thighs, hams, chest and lats. He uses long strokes and helps relieve the soreness, helps revitalize the 'construction zones.' There's a good firm pressure at times sometimes deep tissue, and a good sensitivity when needed. He knows the body anatomy well, and helps stretch me when I need it but don't know it. I've learned about the IT bands, the QL and Piriformis. It's been interesting and helpful. If your body needs some work, visit Tim at his in home studio. It's a good thing.

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Adolfo Adolfo
Reviewed by a member from San Diego on Sep 11, 2013
On time (prepared), professional, friendly, and a great massage. This was my first with Adolfo and certainly not my last. Have already referred him to a friend.

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Tim Curry, CMT Tim Curry, CMT
Reviewed by Mr. Me from Pomona on Jul 9, 2013
You MUST See Tim
I had the opportunity to book three elements in one night. 90 minute massage, a facial, and Opt Eye Firm session. See Tim's website for the description of each treatment. I was with Tim for three hours. Making the appointment was a breeze. Tim was very kind and inviting/ I arrived and we discussed more in detail what I was needing. He filled the bill and then some. He was always there checking in on me and making sure the whole experience was going well. I am here to tell you that I just wish that I had found him years ago. He is very intelligent and he worked areas that had never been worked by others. He is a master of his craft and he loves his passion. What a guy. He offered me a bottle of water after the session and we talked for quite awhile. There was never a rush to get me out. Take the time to make that call and get on Tim's table. You will be glad you did.

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Smile Massage Therapy Smile Massage Therapy
Reviewed by from Palm Springs on Jun 13, 2013
Very relaxing experience
My husband and I needed some pampering while working on a home sale in Palm Springs. Steve knows his craft well, and has an excellent technique that gets you relaxed immediately. His place is beautiful, tranquil. It's easy to find his spa room and the whole experience is worth the price. 90 minutes makes sense, as he works every part of the body, slowly and generously. I had some problem with a sprained muscle and he worked on it, and around it, with no comment. He knows how to handle difficult areas if you have muscle pain or other ailments. In fact, the one thing my partner and I agree on is the Smile massage from Steve is a massage without pain. It is an all good, honest feeling massage!

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Tod Tod
Reviewed by from West Hollywood on May 20, 2013
Best Massage EVER and a saved me from surgery
I was fortunate to find Tod when i was suffering from severed wrist and hand pain. It was suggested I get a deep tissue massage on my forearms. I booked a full body deep tissue massage but asked Tod to concentrate heavily on my forearm and wrists. Tod gave me the best full body deep tissue massage and when he got to my arm and wrist, I was in Heaven! I had been suffering for months with horrific pain, and in less than an hour the pain was gone! I went back a few days later for a "touch up". He made room for me in his schedule and spent 20 minutes on my forearm and wrist again! I am 110% back to normal and pain free FINALLY! Did not have to get the surgery others wanted to do! Give him and Try and you will go nowhere else!

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Adolfo Adolfo
Reviewed by a member from San Diego on Apr 3, 2013
Adolfo was very professional and responded quickly with my request for a 90 min massage. His place was easy to find. He greeted me and was welcoming. Great deep pressure massage. Adolfo checked in with me throughout the interview. He definitely found my problem areas. I definitely look forward to booking another appointment very soon.

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Adolfo Adolfo
Reviewed by from San Diego on Mar 10, 2013
Adolfo does an amazing job. he was on time, ready for the appointment, really great to be around, and just overall fantasic at his job. He found the perfect amount of pressure and got out a really big knot I had in my shoulder. Very professional.

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